Virtual Tours on Floor Plans

Virtual Tours on Floor Plans

Virtual tours are an essential tool for presenting a project in a realistic and immersive way.

NetCoop specializes in creating 3D virtual tours for professionals. We have the architectural expertise, 3D modeling skills, and 360° photo creation capabilities necessary to match the measurements of your 2D floor plan to your future virtual tour.

All types of spaces can be brought to life as long as you can provide us with a 2D floor plan. The 3D virtual tour will be shareable on the internet and viewable on PC, mobile, and VR headsets.

House / Apartment

Outdoor Design


Services Offered

  • Experience your future home in 3D through NetCoop’s virtual tours! We create a 3D model of your house or apartment based on 2D plans provided by your architect, offering an immersive virtual reality experience. Dive into your future living space and visualize your future home with our customized virtual tours.


  • Explore the possibilities of outdoor design for your house with our floor plan-based virtual tours offered by NetCoop! We create a 3D model of your outdoor space based on your plans and ideas for extensions, bioclimatic pergolas, or conservatories. With our expertise in 3D modeling and virtual reality, you can delve into the details of your future outdoor space and envision yourself in your new environment, making well-informed decisions regarding design and functionality.


The Steps in Creating Your Virtual Tours

  1. Contact us via email or phone to discuss your project and your floor plan-based virtual tour needs.
  2. We will provide you with a detailed quote for the creation of your virtual tour.
  3. Upon receipt of a deposit, we will collect the necessary elements for creating your virtual tour, such as the model, color, dimensions, environment, AutoCad plans (if available), Moodboard, etc.
  4. We will send you an initial preview of the virtual tour for approval.
  5. Once the balance of the invoice is settled, we will deliver the realistic virtual tour via Wetransfer.