3D Videos for Presenting Your Design Projects

3D Videos for Presenting Your Design Projects

3D videos for presenting your design projects have become essential for businesses in the landscaping and construction sectors.

At NetCoop, we recognize the significance of these videos in showcasing your products and services. With our expertise in creating high-quality 3D videos, we can assist you in presenting your products in a more dynamic and interactive way, making it easier for your clients to make decisions.

We craft videos designed for all your communication platforms, including your website, social media, and online catalog, allowing you to convey your message effectively and impactfully.

Services Offered

  • We offer high-quality animated 3D videos to showcase your projects in real-life settings, thanks to our expertise at NetCoop. We incorporate day/night cycles, weather, and more to make your projects even more dynamic and interactive. Contact us now to discover how our 3D videos can highlight your products and services.


  • Explore how NetCoop can help you dynamically and interactively present the various stages of your project through phasing animation. We provide high-quality 3D videos for a professional presentation. Contact us now to learn more.



The Steps in Creating Your Videos

  1. Contact us to discuss your outdoor design project and your 3D video needs.
  2. Receive a detailed quote for the creation of your videos.
  3. Upon receipt of a deposit, we gather the necessary elements for your videos (model, color, dimensions, environment, AutoCad plans, Moodboard, etc.).
  4. Receive an initial preview of the videos for approval. Settle the balance of the invoice to finalize your order.
  5. We deliver the realistic 3D videos via Wetransfer.