3D Home Staging

3D Home Staging

Discover 3D Home Staging by NetCoop, your solution for a realistic and immersive preview of your future living or working space. With our expertise in 3D modeling and the latest technologies, we transform your 2D plans and photos into realistic and detailed 3D renderings that perfectly capture your vision.

Visualize and plan your interior design project with confidence before it’s executed, exploring different design possibilities and adjusting elements to your preferences. Our 3D Home Staging helps you make informed decisions to create a space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Contact NetCoop today to bring your ideas to life and transform your space with our 3D Home Staging expertise. Together, we’ll make your interior design project a reality that suits you.

Services Offered

  • NetCoop creates 3D Before/After modules to visualize your transformed spaces with innovative decorations and layouts. Benefit from our 3D visualization expertise to transform and optimize your space according to your needs and preferences.


  • NetCoop produces 3D Before/After modules to bring your outdoor landscaping projects to life. Visualize and plan your outdoor transformations in detail with our expertise in 3D modeling and the latest technologies.



The Steps in Creating Your Visuals

  1. Contact NetCoop via email or phone to present your 3D design project.
  2. Receive a detailed and customized quote for your project.
  3. Submit a deposit and provide the necessary elements (model, color, dimensions, environment, AutoCAD plans, Moodboard, etc.).
  4. Receive an initial preview of the 3D visuals for approval.
  5. Settle the balance of the invoice once the visuals are approved. Download your realistic 3D visuals via WeTransfer.